Protect your profits and future success.

As a business owner, you face calculated risks daily to keep your business thriving. However, unexpected liabilities can emerge. Business insurance is a crucial tool allowing you to focus on profit without being blindsided by unforeseen risks. Whether it's property loss, business interruption, lawsuits, or worker's compensation, business insurance provides comprehensive coverage against significant risks at a relatively small cost.

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Commercial Auto


Insure the vehicles you depend on

Securing proper insurance for your commercial vehicles is crucial for business owners, even if they're not the primary income source. Commercial auto insurance differs significantly from personal coverage, covering multiple vehicles and broader business liability.

Comprehensive coverage is key to protecting your business against potential risks. Reach out today for affordable and tailored commercial auto insurance that covers everything from accidents to emergency roadside assistance.

Understanding what your policy should cover is vital—comprehensive, collision, liability, medical payments, loss of earnings, and uninsured motor vehicle coverage. Our experienced agents are here to design a precise policy that fits your business needs, ensuring applicable coverage for your commercial vehicles, whether used occasionally or daily.

Business Liability


Safeguard your business with affordable coverage

As a business owner, each transaction carries inherent risks, emphasizing the need to shield your enterprise from potential customer lawsuits. Business liability insurance is paramount in mitigating the financial and emotional strain associated with such claims. Despite its crucial role, it often becomes the last priority for business owners. This insurance covers legal fees, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your assets in the event of a claim.

Tailored to diverse business needs, liability insurance includes personal, business, professional, and public liability categories. It extends coverage to bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury risks. George Thompson Insurance caters to your local business, offering comprehensive solutions such as monthly payment options, coverage for temporary staff, global protection, responsive claims processing, and tailored coverage for contracts. With knowledgeable agents and a streamlined process, we ensure your business is protected efficiently, allowing you to focus on growth with confidence.

Workers' Compensation


Understand legal requirements

Ensuring your employees' safety is a priority for business owners, and workers compensation coverage is crucial when injuries occur. Mandatory for businesses with employees, this insurance covers medical costs and lost wages. It facilitates a speedy return to work, minimizing damage. Beyond accidents, workers comp protects against employee lawsuits related to workplace conditions. Regardless of fault, it compensates for injuries or illnesses caused by job-related duties. While it covers various scenarios, such as slips or injuries from heavy equipment, it excludes third-party lawsuits and parental leave benefits. Our specialized coverage for businesses like yours includes flexible payment options, temporary staff coverage, responsive claims processing, and tailored protection. Trust us to safeguard your business and employees efficiently.



Extra protection and peace of mind

What is umbrella insurance? Much like its name suggests, this policy acts as a protective shield against various financial risks and unforeseen mishaps. While it doesn't cover personal medical expenses or property losses, umbrella insurance is versatile, safeguarding against injuries in car accidents, accidents on your property, property damage caused by you, your pet, a dependent, or a child, and legal costs. It goes beyond standard insurance limits, providing broader coverage at a lower cost, covering different types of risks. Portable and able to travel with you, umbrella insurance ensures protection wherever you go.

Contrary to common belief, umbrella insurance is beneficial for anyone with a job seeking to safeguard their income. It prevents financial nightmares, covering amounts exceeding standard policy limits in lawsuits, sparing you from potential financial ruin. Affordable relative to the protection it offers, the cost depends on coverage amount, carrier provisions, and personal risk profile. Purchasing from the same carrier as your home or auto insurance may lead to additional savings. In a world of uncertainties, an umbrella policy provides an extra layer of security for your hard-earned achievements and future earnings.

Commercial Property


Weather the loss of vital property

Commercial property insurance is your vital defense against business disruptions due to the loss of crucial components. While major assets may come to mind, it's often the smaller elements that are most critical. A robust policy ensures protection for the replacement cost of these essentials, allowing you to navigate setbacks or catastrophic losses confidently.

Concerned about costs? We prioritize affordability while safeguarding what matters most. Our business commercial property insurance covers businesses, whether you lease workspaces or operate from home, shielding physical assets from minor setbacks to significant losses.

Coverage varies based on business type and property insured, including protection against fire, burst water pipes, or storm damage. Our professionals craft commercial building insurance policies tailored to your unique business needs, offering flexibility and affordable protection.

Package Policy

Extra protection and peace of mind

Elevate your business protection with George Thompson Agency's Commercial Package Policy. Our comprehensive insurance solution is tailored to your unique needs, offering:

Customized Coverage: A small business or large corporation, customize coverage with our experienced agents.
Cost Savings: Bundle coverages to streamline and potentially reduce insurance costs.
Comprehensive Protection: Safeguard against various risks, including property and liability, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
Flexibility and Convenience: Adjust coverage as your business evolves, managing everything under one policy for simplicity.
Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable professionals guide you through selecting the right policy, providing exceptional service.

Secure your business's future efficiently with our Commercial Package Policy. Contact George Thompson Agency today to explore our insurance solutions.

Landlord Liabilty


Don't rent your property without it.

Property Insurance is a must for landlords, protecting against the daily risks of property management. Landlord liability coverage shields you from potential lawsuits, covering medical expenses for tenant injuries and legal defense for damages up to policy limits. It encompasses various aspects, including tenant injuries, security measures, tenant misconduct, general liability, fair rental value, and more. Our specialized company caters to local landlords, offering monthly payment options, staff coverage, responsive claims processing, tailored coverage, knowledgeable agents, and a streamlined process. You may also qualify for discounts based on multiple policies, new/renovated homes, and more. Secure your investment with our comprehensive Landlord Insurance solutions.

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