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Senta Curran

Senta Curran

Company President

Senta Curran brings three facets essential to the success of the Quest Financial Services team and the accomplishment of the shared goal to provide personalized service. Senta has a burning passion to help others, an unquenchable thirst for learning and the solid foundation of decades of experience.

Senta states, "This business is about building strong relationships, understanding the essential needs of your clients and delivering on your promises." She holds a strong belief that a financial planner's job goes beyond the numbers. She adds, "If you are doing your job well, you are there through life's difficult and prosperous times alike, you are a coach, advisor and confidant." Senta has followed her thirst for learning to gain two bachelor's degrees, a Certified Financial Planner designation and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) CLTC (Certified for Long-Term Care.)

She adheres to the belief, "Those who dare to teach, must never cease to learn." It is her intention to utilize this knowledge base to empower women through Women's Quest, a local symposium dedicated to Investing In The Success of Women. Senta says, "According to, nine in ten women will, at some point in their lifetime, be the sole financial decision-makers for their household. My goal is to continuously explore ways to open this vital discussion and assist women with making important fiscal decisions." She embraces this role and has dedicated her career to this responsibility.